Kindergarten Registration…

Kindergarten Registration…

While browsing through the mail last night, I came across a newsletter from our neighboring area highlighting that Kindergarten Registration would begin towards the end of February.  This grabbed my attention and heartstrings in a very BIG way because my little girl will be transitioning to the “Big School” this fall with the “Big Kids.”

It wasn’t as if this was news to me, we’ve been talking about starting kindergarten since last spring when some of her fellow classmates were graduating from the preschool she attends.  At the time it seemed like we had all the time in the world, another year to enjoy the comfort and routine of our current setting.

But now, that year has almost passed…

Kindergarten Registration?!?! Can it really be that time already?  It seems like only yesterday I was working through the initial sleep deprived days of being blessed with a newborn, endless feedings, diaper changes, hugs and kisses.  Before long she was toddling and babbling, baby proofing our environment went into overdrive, more hugs and kisses to follow as the bumps and scrapes started to add up.  Then it was on to researching preschools and finding activities to become involved in. Now, elementary school is knocking at our door.

As an educator, I know she’s more than ready.  We’ve done the prep and then some…reading aloud everyday, practicing basic skills, working on becoming more independent, fostering emotional and social growth, establishing routine,  the list goes on and on.

I guess where I continually fall short in this journey is preparing the mother in me.  No where in the “handbook of mothering” can I find lessons I need to complete in order to prepare myself for the monumental moments in my child’s life. They always seem to catch me off guard.

The one true blessing in it all is knowing that I am raising a very strong, independent daughter that holds a true joy for life and learning.  She’s not afraid of what’s ahead, in fact she’s running towards it full force.  She’s confident and relentless because she knows that no matter how great the journey ahead she has the unconditional love and support of her family behind her.  This of course and an endless supply of hugs and kisses to celebrate each step along the way.

Preparing a Kindergartner of your own?  Below are some helpful resources to get you and your little one ready for this important transition!


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  1. You will send her off with smiles and encouragement, then cry when the doors close behind her. You will get through it though. Enjoy every moment, they go by far too fast. Before you know it you’ll be crying at her graduation.

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