I’m Emily DeJaegher of TheCultivatedMother!

This blog was created to begin connecting with other mothers around the world that hold a true passion for their families and education.  It is through our life experiences that we truly begin to cultivate who we are as mothers and as a result who are children will become.

My passion for family and education presented itself to me at a very early age. I can remember playing house and school as a little girl.  Setting up stuffed animals on chairs for lunch, teaching them their ABC’s and reading aloud to them my favorite stories.

My educational journey has trained me as an elementary education teacher and now a librarian.  It’s no wonder why I love every chance I get to surround myself with children and books!

Today I wear many hats, as I’m sure you do as well!  Two of my most prized roles are being a wife and mother.  My husband is my rock, unwavering in the love and support he lends to me and our family.  My most spunky and precious 5 year old girl brings so much joy to each day, I cannot imagine life without her!  We are also excited to be holding our new baby boy born this past July!  Our lives, arms and hearts are filled with love!

So, if you’re still reading it must mean we carry a common interest!  I encourage you to bring your thoughts and ideas to TheCultivatedMother!  I’m excited to see what blooms as a result.




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  1. You’re great Em. Love that you started doing this… and talked about how being ” Bossy” came to you at a tender young age. Just kidding, you do love to lead people and have a great knack at it. I am very proud of you for setting up this blog and i am sure you will lead many others with similar interests in the right direction to find the best schools, the best deals, and fantastic recipes… and other cool stuff. xo c

    • Late in response but not in heartfelt thanks! Your words inspire me to get our there and connect with others! Thanks Claudia, xoxo =)

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